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DVJ Degen (short for Degenerate) is a South Florida based Video DJ specializing in Hip-Hop. Degen got started in the music business in the mid 2000s, working in recording studios in New York. He started DJing in South Florida radio stations and in clubs, before he eventually evolved into a Video DJ in the late 2000s. Degen found a knack for making his own video edits, incorporating them in his sets, and has been providing his high quality edits for Video DJs around the world ever since.

DJ Nak is a force to be reckoned with in the Video DJ world. His experience entertaining in a diverse range of venues, from the biggest clubs to the smallest lounges, from large scale private functions to small intimate events has given him the opportunity to master his ability to read and adapt to any crowd. He spins all genres of music and can exclusively play a night in almost any format, or seamlessly blend them all together! His video remixes are played Worldwide.  DJ Nak specializes in bringing music to life with stunning quality visuals, from the biggest clubs to your friendly neighborhood pub.

DJ Nak.png

DJ Kos has been behind the decks for over 35 years and brings his unique skills to the masses. His video edits feature hard to find tracks and remixes. With a combination of movies, original video, and even off the wall videos, Kos’s video edits never disappoint. He has headlined shows from Las Vegas to the East Coast. For the first time ever, DJ Kos brings his amazing collection of custom music video edits exclusively to Tailored Trax.

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VDJ JD is based in Nashville. works with many companies in the industry including XMiX as a video editor re-editing the music videos around their remixes, making it easier for Video DJ’s to mix music videos. While in this role he honed his audio editing skills learning to build audio edits and remixes. JD's audio edits have been used in nationality syndicated country mix shows and around the world anywhere, where country music is played.

Jack Millz.png

International Video DJ, A/V Engineer for Smashvision, former Crooklyn Clan artist and all around bad ass DJ with exceptional showmanship. Jack Millz, the Big Dogg!

Kevin West isn't your average deejay. The L.A.'s Resident creates Videos that other DJ's play at the hottest clubs around the globe. Inspired by his passion for Music, he performs for many companies at School Events, Corporate, Weddings and Open Format Clubs. In addition, he is a very talented technician specialized on LED that works for several Artists and Festivals, including ULTRA Miami, Nocturnal Wonderland, and Electric Daisy Carnival.


Scorpion is amongst the world's elite of Video-DJs performing not only audio DJ-Sets but spinning actual visual content such as original music videos, custom video edits as well as short movie & comedy skits alongside the matching songs simultaneously in realtime. Although his main focus is still always on the audio side of his set in order to make sure the crowd is having a great time, it's the combination of audible and visual presentation that truly transports the emotions of the party crowd creating an atmosphere you won't forget. 


Paul G is one of the premier Video DJ's in the U.S., and has played places such as Oklahoma City, Virginia Beach, Atlantic City, New Orleans, & Las Vegas. He's been a professional remixer for over 10 years. He was also a product demonstrator for Virtual DJ. Currently Paul G is a fulltime entertainer for one of the largest most successful entertainment companies on the east coast, Astro Entertainment in Virginia Beach.

VDJ Beloved is a pioneer of video mixing in the Western New York area. Adopting music videos into his massive library back in 2008, he quickly began making his own custom content for live shows. He now has moved onto stage visuals for tour events for big acts such as Dillon Francis, Flux Pavillion, Gareth Emery, Darude and Zomboy just to name a few. He’s also the owner of Beloved Entertainment which provides live entertainment for private events such as weddings, corporate events, school events, etc. As well as supplies rental equipment for traveling tours.

VDJ Beloved Logo 2020.png
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Paul “Pauly” Yates hails out of Phoenix, Arizona. He has spent many years playing major local and national night clubs. Pauly was one of the DJ/Producers for the largest syndicated radio mix show, HOT MIX that was heard on hundreds of the hottest stations aired globally. Pauly strives to push the bar and change what it means to be “DJ”. Combining the latest innovation in technology with creativity of all parties involved, the events he DJs at have become one-of-a-kind productions that very few can match.


DVDJ King has been entertaining at clubs and special events throughout Florida and nationwide since 2002. Originally from New York, he is headquartered in Orlando where he has worked at Walt Disney World’s Pleasure Island and has been the resident DJ/VJ at The Groove at Universal Studios City Walk. His experience and respect within the industry has brought him invitations to guest perform in Shanghai, China and all around the USA. 


DJ Larry D has been a professional remixer for several years. He has remixed for Pro Mix, Full Tilt and many others. He was also a product demonstrator for Virtual DJ and Denon DJ. He is currently a product demonstrator for Pioneer DJ and a professional remixer for Select Mix & Hot Tracks. Larry D is also co-owner of one of the largest most successful entertainment companies on the east coast, Astro Entertainment in Virginia Beach.

Crooked Styles is a young upcoming DJ/Producer based out of Virginia Beach, VA.  He is currently performing for several Mobile DJ Companies, Bars, and Clubs.  He spends most of his time producing Custom Video/Audio remixed edits as well as working endless hours on his own original productions.  His name is Crooked Styles because just like his style; his workflow, tracks, and most definitely his hair are....well... “a little out there”. Keep your eye on this guy because he's going places with that hair!

DJ Mike (Howell).png

DJ Mike has been sitting on a back log of edits that he wasn't able to promote until he joined the team here at Tailored Trax.  If you've been to a video show before then you have seen his work....(He Gets Around;).  Make sure to stay up to date with him on social media and keep up his video projects because he is a force to be reckoned with!

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Glenn Limbaga is a successful club video DJ and a professional music and video remixer based In Cebu Philippines.

TMD Logo.png

DJ TMD is from Ohio with 30 years under his belt as a mixing DJ. He has traveled all over the east coast doing Comic-Con after parties and events. He has worked the college clubs for several years while also doing his own music video and audio edits to have something a little different than other DJs. Now he has the opportunity to share them with you.

Valente Logo.png

Valente is a DJ in the Hampton roads area of Virginia. There he spins full time for one of the largest entertainment companies on the east coast. He recently got into video editing. He loves music and always has from country to hip hop to top 40. When he's not DJing he is usually playing drums, bass guitar, or piano. He also loves music production from live sound to live recordings. You can always catch him involved in music.

"Purveyor of infectious grooves". That best describes DJ Pete. Encompassing funk, Top 40, dance, retro and his personal favorite genre - 90s, Pete's sets relate to all ages. His talents have caught the attention of Disney Cruise Lines where he is a premier DJ for the Disney Fantasy. Along with the cruises, Pete has built his reputation as one of the most versatile audio and video club mixers. He has held residencies all over Arizona, performed for celebrities, professional sports organizations and radio mix shows.

DJ Pete Barra.png

Los Angeles based music video mixologist. Callen has held multiple residencies on the Hollywood Walk of Fame & SoCal spanning over 10 years. Callen was previously a featured artist on YourRemix and Crooklyn Clan. He has been an industry consultant and advocate for Video DJing for many years.

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